Amazing Masterpieces Created Through Time

One of Histories all time greatest inventions. In my opinion, I would consider cars as one of the best inventions that we have made. Cars are one of the things I love more than Harry Potter, And if you don’t know how much I love Harry Potter, I’ll just say I never want to put my books down. I love all kids of cars, but over all I’d have to say that I typically like older cars more than the newer ones. One of my favorite type of  cars would have to be the 1963 split – window Corvette.

63___Corvette_by_NeoZeroXSplit Window Corvettes are very hard to find as they are not made anymore and there isn’t very many of the original ones left. Although it depends on how good of a condition the car is in, and if it has its original parts, most today are worth right around $40k. I’m hoping that some day when I can afford one of these beautiful cars I will find someone that has one that is in good condition and is willing to let go of it. Another one of my favorite cars that I just have to have is a 1954 Oldsmobile Eighty eight. ebay141778254971328The owner of this beautiful Eighty eight has it up for sale for $22,000. Not that I will ever be able to buy this car, as I’m still in school and I have no job, I would really like to own one of these cars.


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