Amazing Masterpieces Created Through Time

One of Histories all time greatest inventions. In my opinion, I would consider cars as one of the best inventions that we have made. Cars are one of the things I love more than Harry Potter, And if you don’t know how much I love Harry Potter, I’ll just say I never want to put my books down. I love all kids of cars, but over all I’d have to say that I typically like older cars more than the newer ones. One of my favorite type of  cars would have to be the 1963 split – window Corvette.

63___Corvette_by_NeoZeroXSplit Window Corvettes are very hard to find as they are not made anymore and there isn’t very many of the original ones left. Although it depends on how good of a condition the car is in, and if it has its original parts, most today are worth right around $40k. I’m hoping that some day when I can afford one of these beautiful cars I will find someone that has one that is in good condition and is willing to let go of it. Another one of my favorite cars that I just have to have is a 1954 Oldsmobile Eighty eight. ebay141778254971328The owner of this beautiful Eighty eight has it up for sale for $22,000. Not that I will ever be able to buy this car, as I’m still in school and I have no job, I would really like to own one of these cars.


Bucket List Of A Teenage Girl

  1. I want to succeed in life, what ever I do, I want to be happy doing it.
  2. I don’t want just any job, I want a job that I will love.
  3. I want to find new ways to be creative and funny.
  4. I want to succeed in making people happy with who I am and not who they want me to be.
  5. Create what will be the best memories of my life, but never forget the old ones.
  6. I want to over come the fear of never being good enough.
  7. When I die I want to stand for something special, I don’t want my family to mourn to the point were they just give up, but I never want to be forgotten.
  8. I don’t want to just be pulled through life, but to march through it.


All of the different kinds of arts, including theater, music,drawing, and creative writing has long be recognized as an important part of education. Adding art into everything you do in school can not only boost academic achievement, but it can also promote creativity, self-confidence, and school pride. Many students will not have the opportunity to learn about the arts once they are out of school. I learned about the different kinds of arts in school, and it opened an interest for me that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.lockers_on_a_school_hallway_by_thealjavis-d4kl27g_lowresDrawing, painting, music, and theater can be used in so many different ways for school. All forms can help students learn in one way or another. Take my last post for an example, you can use art for classes that you may be in, such as American History, and create propaganda posters or any other drawing activity that may help you understand the class better. Another art that can help with a class could be if you take English and theater, theater could help you learn more about whatever subject that you are learning if you are doing the same topic in both classes.These are only some ways that learning art can make a better student and a better, more creative person.

Gas Maske Stencil Collage on Canvas by Shepard Fairey

For one of my class assignments, I have to find something that relates art (because it is the main focus of my whole blog,) to something else that I am learning in one of my other classes. I decided to tie art to propaganda posters that we make in History. This photo by Obey Giant is a wonderful piece of art. I decided to choose this photo for my “school related” post because of the art that Obey Giant does. It is a very well done piece that can represent propaganda posters. I think that this can be a good topic because of how well this artist can make all different kinds of these amazing  paintings without a fail. Freedom-of-the-press-print_no_apWEB-500x719Another good example of how to tie art with history is this painting of a printer  by Shepard Fairey. This photo is one of the many paintings that  Fairey had created. This particular piece includes the caption,”Freedom of the press is guaranteed to those who own one.” I think that this is a good example to use for history because of all of the other inventions that were being made at that point in time. I realize that this is a very boring topic for a post, and I’m sure that no one in their right mind would read thins all the way through, but if you have gotten this far in reading this awful post thank you